Accessible Content Is Better Content

Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that integrates seamlessly into the Learning Management System and focuses on making digital course content more accessible.

Ally interface displayed on several digital devices.

Blackboard Ally is LMS Agnostic & Integrates with a Wide Variety of Major Learning Management Systems

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Various types of download options on laptop computer.

Alternative Formats for Better Quality, Usability & Accessibility of Content, for Everybody

Automatically check for accessibility issues and generate alternative accessible formats using advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.

Desktop computer with reporting graphs.

Institutional Reporting for the Bigger Picture

Provides institution-wide reporting on course content accessibility and drives further improvements at the institution.

Instructor feedback interface displayed on laptop.

Instructor-Specific Feedback for More Effective Content to Save Time & Resources

Guide instructors on how to improve the accessibility of their course content and alter future behavior

Blackboard Ally is an Award-Winning Accessibility Solution

Chico administrators outside school.

How Technology Helped Chico State Automate Its Way to Accessibility

California State University – Chico had many challenges to overcome in order to create a more inclusive learning experience. Collaboration and the right technology, including Blackboard Ally, made it possible for the institution to move up on the accessibility spectrum in record time.


Make the First Step to Ensuring a More Inclusive Learning Experience

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